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Marco Toro

Marco Toro is a versatile drummer, percussionist and composer born in Caracas, whose roots are embedded in Venezuelan popular music and culture.

In October 2015 he released his latest work, this time it’s all about Latin Jazz: Marco Toro presents Zambo Jazz, a mixture of rhythms and flavors that reminds the listener of places like Africa, South America and New Orleans.

Besides playing drums, timbal, congas, bongos and cowbell, he also plays typical Afro-Venezuelan instruments like cumaco, culo e’ puya, campana drum, tamboras, maracas etc.  Not only does he play all kinds of percussion instruments, he also plays a wide variety of styles.

In 2004 he embarked on a solo project: Marco Toro y su Ensamble, exploring South American rhythms like Son, Joropo, and Salsa, among others. With this group he released eight albums; the last CD is from 2014: Toro Ensamble Live, recorded at Salsa Club Mystique-Amsterdam.

Marco Toro is now playing with Lucas van Merwijk´s Drums United since 2008, touring across Europe, USA, Canada, South America, China & Thailand.

He has shared stage and recorded with many renowned artists such as: Andy Gonzalez, La India, Jimmy Bosch, Metropole Orkest, Laberinto, Terry Jones Rogers & Scott Nienhaus (The Birds), Osdorp Posse, Lucas van Merwijk´s Drums United, Cubop City Big Band, Ricky Luis N’klabe, Pedro Arroyo, Orlando Poleo, De Pana,  Beatbusters & Def P, Santanico, G. Clarinda y la Rítmica, Orquesta Primera Plana, Orquesta Bembe, El Trabucombo, Marejada, Tierra Caliente, Rudy Albano and many more.

Marco Toro is sponsored by Zildjian Cymbals, Pearl Percussion and Evans Drumheads. 

Pedro Luis Pardo Cosme

Bassist, composer, arranger, leader and coach of various son- and salsa groups and singers.

Born in Santiago de Cuba, he started his career in the ‘Casa de la Trova’ where he, as the first younger generation sonmusicians of now, got taught by Vieja Trova Santiaguera; Maduro en Compay Segundo.  After that he played bass for 9 years in ‘Casa de la Trova’, and lead the groups Melodías de Ayer, Quinteto de la Trova, Quinteto Oriente, Quinteto Luz en Trinchera Agraria. Next tot that he was on the radio weekly together with Maria Ochoa and Inaudi Paisán (Estudiantina Invasora).

In 1995 he moved to the Netherlands and founded the songroup Saoco and played bass in Rumbatá. He collaborated in many projects and CD’s, including Saoco, Rumbatá, Issac Delgado, Laura Figi, Mayito van Los Van Van, Estrella Acosta etc. 

The most recent collaboration was with Carel Kraayenhof en het Metropool Orkest in ‘Memorias de Cuba’ which was also released on CD.


The fiery passion of the tango meets the brilliance of the string quartet. From their roots in authentic Argentine tango, the Pavaditas travel from the milonga, to contemporary classical music via rock, pop and latin – all with sparkling original arrangements and compositions.

The quartet have diverse artistic interests and enjoy using these to broaden their musical horizons and seek new challenges. Whether exploring different musical genres or collaborating with other musicians, actors, dancers and artists, the Pavaditas enjoy putting their heart and soul into their work. They bring the raw power and intimate emotions of the tango into the here and now.

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